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Manage your email-campains using
The "BeFlash" is an online tool to easily create, send and manage e-mailings. You only have to take a few small and easy steps, fill in the contents of your email, and a few minutes later, you have composed a good looking, professional email. You don't need complex tools anymore, the BeFlash is your easy solution to professional e-mailings.
BeFlash offers:
pre-definded templates
user-friendly step-by-step creation
Easy selection and management of email-addresses
Global and detailed statistics
Compare your different mailings
WARNING: can NOT be used to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM.
The email-addresses you use in your mailings, HAVE TO have subscribed theirselves, or HAVE to have agreed to be included in your mailings!
BeFlash . com … it was never easier to create professional emails!
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or contact + 32 (0) 70 25 02 36